My 5 Best Places to Run in Brisbane

I am local to Brisbane, actually I’ve lived here my entire life and one of my favourite leisure activities is to run. Even from my adolescence I often would do stints where I’d go out and run early in the morning before school, then into my early adult years I did the same.

When I turned forty a few years back I entered my first ever 10 km event (Bridge to Brisbane) and really that started me on my running obsession.

So far (Nov 2019) I have completed 19 Marathons, 8 Ultra Marathons and numerous other events and clock up on average around 50km of running a week. So in-between when I’m training for something or just going out for a run I’ve covered a lot of miles in and around Brisbane and hence why I am sharing with you my 5 best places to run in Brisbane.

1. Binna Burra (Lamington National Park)

This place is amazing. Some of the trails in Lamington National Park are world heritage listed, contain lush rain forest, ancient trees and spectacular views. There are multiple different tracks to explore but my favourite is the crossing from Binna Burra over to O’Reillys. It is a 21km one way crossing along the Border Track, but you can turn around at any point and do as much or as little of it as suits you. Or stay overnight at either Binna Burra or O’Reillys and trek back the next day. I would also highly recommend the Ship Sterns circuit which in a 21km loop.

For more information on how to get there and for maps go to the Qld Government Parks and Wildlife information link here: https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/lamington/

There are also several different accommodation and airbnb options if you want to make an overnight visit. I feel it is well worth the trip.

Links to: Binna Burra O’Reillys

2. South Bank Parklands to New Farm Park

There are so many options in Brisbane CBD and surrounds to run. You can run long or if you want something short it is easy to find something to suit. The best thing is the course is far from boring from bridges to the river, gardens to the amazing walk ways Brisbane has it all. I find it a great training ground. On a hot Brisbane morning after a run there is always the beach at South Bank that you can jump in for a quick swim to cool off. I can tend to do this in my running gear minus my shoes and socks. It’s the best! As a run tour company we do offer a few different guided run tours through some of my favourite spots.


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Go here to find out more about South Bank Parklands

3. Toohey’s Forest, Mt Gravatt

This place is a sentimental favourite as its where I really discovered my love for running. Located on the Southside of Brisbane there are loads of different trails to be explored. It is also home to the Mt Gravatt lookout where you can get a great view of the city, Moreton Bay and Mt Cootha. There is even a cute little coffee shop called The Love Well at the top where you can stop to take in the views. If you’re lucky you may even spot a koala or a kangaroo and you are highly likely to come across a few bush turkeys. For more information about Toohey’s Forest go here: https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/clean-and-green/natural-environment-and-water/bushland-reserves/toohey-forest-park-and-mt-gravatt-outlook-reserve

Although we don’t have any set tours in this area at the moment if you are interested contact me I can help in showing you around.

4. Simpson Falls Picnic Area Mt Cootha to Enoggera Reservoir

Mt Cootha is very well known with local runners. It has some tuff hills but for being just 6km west of the CBD it is a total escape from the bustle of life where you can take in the wonderful natural surrounds and wildlife and breath in the fresh air. Mt Cootha is also the home of several local trail events over the year namely Oxfam Trailwalker, The Guzzler and Brisbane Trail Ultra (two of which I have participated in).

If you head over to Enoggera Reservoir there is often people swimming or canoeing. There are also some great picnic spots. The trail options at Mt Cootha are endless and you can find something to suit all different levels of fitness and distances. Currently we do offer a 10km Run Tour of Mt Cootha that takes in the Summit Lookout which is a must do if you’re traveling here or have never done it. We can also take you on longer tours of Mt Cootha if this is something that interest you.


5. Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Located around 25km south east of Brisbane City and 50km north of the Gold Coast you will find Daisy Hill Conservation Park. This is a popular location for mountain bike riders, trail runners and bush walkers alike. It is also home to a good population of koala’s and other native wildlife. The tracks are well marked so if you plot a course using the local maps its pretty hard to get lost. I find for running there’s a good mix of flat trails with some slight elevation with a variety of both wide open tracks and some single tracks that wind throughout the area. I would recommend you carry your own water.

If you’re an international visitor you should try to visit the Daisy Hill Koala Centre particularly if you want to see a koala and its free to the public. Check out the link I have provided for more information about Daisy Hill Conservation Park.


I hope this gives you a few good ideas of where to visit to run close in Brisbane.

As you can see, I enjoy getting out on the trails. We are very spoilt for choices in Brisbane as we have a lot of amazing trails that you can discover and explore. If you are new to Brisbane and aren’t an experienced trail runner I would encourage you to hook up with a local to take you out to some of these places. As I said we do offer a trail option for Mt Cootha but if you would like to try some of these other places get in contact with us and we can help you get connected.

I hope you get the opportunity to explore some of these places. If you do I would love to hear about.

Contact us here for more information: https://www.runitrunningtours.com.au/contact-us

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